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Tetris Officially Licensed Games & Brainteaser Puzzles

Challenge: Design a series of games and puzzles for the Tetris brand.

Solution: Brainteaser puzzles and games with a retro-pop video game inspired aesthetic...

  • Tetris 3-Layered Brainteaser: a three-layered puzzle featuring Tetris Tetriminos

  • Tetris the Card Game: an existing card game with an updated look and cool new special cards 

  • Tetris 3D Cube Challenge: a 3D plastic Tetris Tetriminos cube brainteaser and solutions book

  • Tetrimino Tangle: a Tetris Tetriminos puzzle

  • Tetris 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle: a Tetris jigsaw puzzle featuring a Tetriminos design

  • Tetris Mini 3D Cube Challenge: a pocket version of the Tetris 3D cube for puzzling on-the-go!


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